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logo_quickbooksWe offer telephone, e-mail, or one-on-one set-up, training and consulting services. This service is performed at your office or ours. Because we are Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisers as well as Certified Public Accountants, we are better able to solve your accounting and software problems while training you to be more efficient with your time and money. By utilizing internet technology we can provide training/consulting/ trouble-shooting on your computer from remote location in our office or elsewhere. But if you allow us to set up your accounting system from the beginning and teach you how to use it you can rest assured your accounting and tax work will be more hassle-free and less expensive in the long run.

FREE 1/2 Hour Initial Consultation: A General summary of our services is provided on this page for your convenience. If you would like to discuss how we can more specifically help you in a free no obligation initial consultation give us a call, or send us an e-mail with your specific question. We are confident that in a short period of time we can answer your question and get you pointed in the right direction – even if you do not eventually become our client.

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